The Icebox Moves Up Among Top 50 Promotional Products Companies + Infographic

Promo Marketing, an important magazine within the promotional products industry, has released the Top Distributors List for 2019. Each year this publication ranks the top 50 promotional product distributors based off of the previous years sales and reports on company growth, overall trends, industry statistics and more. The Icebox is proud to once again be featured in the top 1% of our industry amongst companies like BDA, Geiger and more. 

According to Promo Marketing, “The pie is getting larger. And the most creative, innovative and forward-thinking distributor companies are snapping up the extra slices.” When competing in a 33 billion dollar industry, we have found a unique approach that has allowed us to not only improve our ranking within the top 1% but become one of the fastest growing companies as well.

The Icebox tops the charts again (4).png


The Icebox Tops the Charts Again - Ranking in the top 1% of a 33 billion dollar industry

  • The Icebox-Cool Stuff ranks #42 in an industry of 25,000 promotional product distributors based off 2018 sales revenue and company growth

  • From 2017-2018, The Icebox grew sales revenue by 28% making it one of the fastest growing companies in the promo product industry

  • In the past 18 months we have increased our team by more than 40 people. The Icebox has 125 employees and growing! We now have the ability to service our customers better and create new positions within the company, making the Icebox more diverse and creative

  • We recently opened a 60,000 sq. foot warehouse fulfillment and distribution center just minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This new facility gave us the ability to ship more than 8 million units in 2018

When asked to what he attributes this growth, CEO Jordy Gamson said it all comes down to two things. “One, an incredible team who have become the resource of choice for great brands and two, great brands who have responded and trusted our team with their business.” And we hope to continue to exceed your expectations for years to come.