New Trend Alert! Customized Swag Boxes

Is there a better feeling than opening a box and seeing exactly what you wanted inside? Now imagine all your customers feeling that way when they receive the perfect swag box from your company. We can’t think of a trend that our society is more excited about now than customized swag boxes like Birch Box, FabFitFun, Dollar Shave Club and more. Great for corporate gifts, monthly subscriptions, event promotions and much more. Let’s dive into some examples of how you can use this trend to create a memorable brand experience. 

Monthly Subscription Boxes

We worked with Arby’s to create the Arby’s of the Month Club monthly subscription swag box. With something like this, you can assign themes to each month and curate swag that matches that theme. This month’s theme was Greek Life and the box introduced the customer into the Arby’s Fraternal Greek Sandwich Brotherhood. Customers have the ability to sign up for subscription swag boxes online and are surprised each month with a new type of promotion... like joining a sandwich fraternity. 

Exclusive Swag Boxes

Another option for swag kits could be a one time, larger and more exclusive box. Something like this would encompass your entire brand and work best for giveaways or event promotions. We worked with Sprite to create the ultimate Sprite branded box, “Wanna Sprite?”, which includes all different types of swag. In these kits we suggest you put the most desirable products to your customers. For example, Sprite’s customer base consists of young, music lovers, making it important that we add in branded headphones to really wow them. 

Companies who have innovated and invested in the new types of promotion are the ones who are becoming the most successful. No matter if your goal is customer awareness, engagement or conversion, these custom swag boxes allow you to create something memorable and invest in customer relations on a more personal level. Think about what your brand story is and let us connect it to today’s trends and attitudes.