Hamming Up the Swag Experience


One of the “hammiest” companies we work with has been pushing us to the limits of our creativity since day one. It all started back in fall of 2018 when The Icebox became the official promotional products supplier for Honey Baked Ham and we can truthfully say, there has never been a dull moment since. Honey Baked Ham had just rebranded and we found that our companies were a match made in honey glazed heaven.

In the past months we have worked to help HBH take their brand message and create something memorable, whether it be an emergency kit designed to save a holiday cooking catastrophes or head-to-toe Honey Baked Ham gear and uniforms. Now, and not surprisingly, they are in the news for their latest endeavor that some have coined a “flesh cocoon” (keep scrolling to find out why). No matter what it is, they keep us on our toes. 

ham swag.png

“In Case Of Ham Emergency Open Box”

During the holiday season things tend to go awry, especially when it comes to cooking family dinner. For all those who have tried and failed, The Icebox and Honey Baked Ham worked together to craft a “hamergency” tool kit. Honey Baked Ham had customers submit their cooking catastrophe stories in the weeks leading up to the holidays and awarded free kits to the best (or worst) ones.

Inside each kit we included a Honey Baked Ham glazed candle (so that it would at least smell like you are cooking something delicious), a mini water fire extinguisher, fire resistant oven mitts, a first-aid kit (in case you didn’t use the fire resistant oven mitts), a Hamergency tissue (tears will be shed) and a Hamergency wine tumbler (family gatherings call for wine!). 


Dreaming of Ham...

Moms do a lot, but we’ve been told that at the end of the day they’re all just dreaming of ham. That’s why we had to make sure all the moms out there got something extra special on Mother’s Day and thus came the Mom’s Relaxation Kit. 

The kit includes an exclusive glaze scented candle, a “dreaming of ham” eye mask and three assorted bath bombs all decorated and packaged by us! In our opinion, there has never been a better bubble bath accessory to make you relaxed.. and hungry.   


The Honey Baked “HAM-mock”

They say you should surround yourself with what you love, so why can’t it be meat? Honey Baked Ham is now offering “HAM-mocks,” aka the best pun you will see this summer. HBH created these wonderfully weird hammocks for when you’re, you know, relaxing outdoors and enjoying some ham. 

People have loved these ham-printed hammocks and the company has gotten a lot of press from the launch on June 21st ranging from people saying they look like “flesh cocoons” to others saying they need one this instant. Like we said earlier... Never a dull moment.