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Cool Stuff

Art...What About it?

What kind of art do I need to send to you?
We can work with just about anything however the best art to send us is vector art.

What's vector art?
A file or image that can be blown up without losing quality of the image. It is made up of paths not pixels.

Can I use art that I found on the internet?
If you have the rights to use it then you can use it, however most art downloaded from the internet is low resolution art and would need to be recreated, which will likely cost you some more money.

What's the turnaround time on art?
Art: 3-5 business days, Rushes are before 3 days.

Turnaround time on production?
Production time is typically 7-10 business days including art time.

What is an underlay or under base?
An underlay is a primer coat. An underlay is a layer of white ink that is laid down under your design when you print on colored garments. The underlay gives us a base to print your design on, and allows colors to appear as vibrant or true to the art concept as possible. An underlay screen is charged as an additional color to the entire process, unless you’re incorporating white ink into the design. The white in screen can be used to create the necessary underlay for the entire design.

What if I don’t use an underlay?
Your print will look “faded” or absorb the shirt color that it is being printed on. The print will not be a true color and bright. It will look dull. Not using an underlay is good for designs with “distress” to give a vintage feel.

What format do we need art in?
We prefer vector art which can come in .ai, .eps, or .pdf. We can also use high resolution 300dpi .jpg or .tiff, or photoshop files.

What are the standard imprint sizes for apparel?
Click on the image to enlarge it and see our standard imprint sizing chart.

What is the difference in sizing imprints for youth and adult?
Designs to be printed on both adult and youth sized garments may require (2) sets of screens and setup charges will apply for each set of screens. Imprint pricing will be based on quantity of each design size, not the combination of adult & youth sizes. However, an imprint size can be determined to fit on both adult and youth sizes to avoid such charges.

It's in production...

What is the standard turnaround time for apparel orders?
The average turnaround (including shipping) is approximately 2-3 weeks from the time that your order is submitted. If you need your order to be shipped to you by a specific date, be sure to note this on your order or you can contact your account manager before your project is sent to production.

Can I rush my apparel order?
Yes. Let us know when you need it and we’ll find a way to accommodate you. There may be a rush fee depending on the item and how fast you need it.

Can I get non-apparel items rushed?
If you need your order delivered in less than 2 weeks please call us and let us know. We’ll let you know if we can do it and if there are any rush fees.

Can I mix & match different garment colors & sizes within my apparel order?
Yes. You can order a variety of different colors and sizes with the same set of graphics embellished on them.

If I print the same set of graphics on different garment styles, do I receive a quantity discount?
Yes. If all of the garment styles selected can be printed together, the total quantity will apply towards both styles. Example: 72 Short Sleeve T-Shirts + 72 Long Sleeves = 144 piece pricing for each. If the garments cannot be printed at the same time and require additional set-ups for production purposes, your invoice will be split into two and each will be priced out separately.

For example, youth tees may not print with adult tees depending on the size of the imprint. They may need to be printed separately if the print for the adult tees is too big to fit on a youth tee.

Can I supply my own blank garments or fabric to The Icebox to be printed or embroidered?
No. We prefer to source our own garments from pre-qualified suppliers that we have a strong business relationship with. We work with dozens of wholesale distributors and garment manufacturers to provide the very best quality, pricing and turnaround times. By purchasing in high-volume we receive the lowest rates that they can offer, and the savings are then passed along to our customers.

Can I change ink colors within one order on different garments?
Yes, but there may be a small cost.

Ordering...IT'S not hard at all

Placing an order?
You can place your order on line or you can call our customer service department at 1.866.917.4335

Will I receive an order confirmation?
Whether you place your order on line or over the phone we will send you an order confirmation by email detailing what you ordered, the cost, the ship to address, the estimated ship date and other important order details.

What are your minimums?
Screen printing is 72 pieces and embroidery is usually 12 pieces. Minimums on promotional products vary from product to product.

What are my decorating options?
There are several decorating options available depending on the item that you are ordering. Below are the most popular decorating options:
Screen Print – Ink pressed through a stenciled screen onto fabric or some other absorbent material
Embroidery – Stitched logo onto apparel, hats, bags or other cloth or nylon material
Deboss – Usually used on leather or faux leather products such as padfolios
Emboss – Raised lettering or logo usually on a paper product or other soft material
Etched – Laser scratched into the surface of glass, tin or silver of other hard material
Pad Printing – Similar to screen print however using a different soft pad lifting ink from an etched plate and placed on a non-flat surface
Foil Stamping – a heat transfer process using a metallic foil onto a flat surface
Direct to Garment or DTG Printing – A process used to produce photographic printing on t-shirts

How much do your t-shirts cost?
There is no one answer; depends on type of shirt, the number of shirts and the art. Every order is different.

Why am I charged another set-up fee for a t-shirt re-order?
The screens used for printing the art are mesh that are made of fine fabric. The art is “burned” into the screen for printing using a chemical emulsion which is applied to the screen and exposed to UV rays making it a stencil for ink to be pushed through. After printing, the screen is washed out and repurposed for use on the next job. In order to re-print a previous design we need to start over and re-burn the design into the screen again to print it.

What happens if I am not happy with the product that I receive?
We are very careful to make sure that we understand exactly what item you want, what art you want and when you want it in your hands. We do this using a written order approval, art approval and thorough and complete communication throughout the process. If we have made a mistake on your order we will either fix it or return your money. Our guarantee is your complete satisfaction.

Paying for my order... it's inevitable

How do I pay for my order?
Since every order is custom made with your logo on it we require a 50% deposit and the balance when we ship on all first orders. We accept Mastercard, VISA and American Express. If you want to apply for credit please complete the credit application that you can download from our web site.

When is my credit card charged?
We will charge the 50% deposit when we take your order. The balance will be charged when we ship your order.

Are there sales taxes?
If we ship your order inside the state of Georgia, then we have to charge the appropriate sales tax unless you supply us with a Georgia Resale Tax Certificate. Shipments outside the state are not charged sales tax.

over/under... it happens a lot

Why did I receive a slightly different quantity than I ordered?
Since every order is custom decorated and we are producing your merchandise in bulk, it is possible that you will not get the exact quantity that you ordered. This is known as “over/under”. You may receive between 5% – 10% over or under the quantity that you order. We only bill you for the exact quantity that we ship. If you need an exact quantity just tell us up front and we will make arrangements to produce the exact quantity that you order. There may be an additional charge and we will let you know that up front.