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Cool Stuff


It’s cool to "do good". We surround ourselves with other companies that share this mindset. Utopia, for us, is when we can partner with our customers to create outside-the-box solutions that increase awareness for the charities supported by our customers. Another one of our Icebox-isms we use to describe this is "Philanthropic Branding".

We help companies express their "do good" story so that their brand is AMPLIFIED and "the good" is MULTIPLIED. Co-branded products with creative packaging give companies the opportunity to promote their philanthropic partnerships, but more importantly get others on the bandwagon to support the movement. Promotional products offer tangible opportunities to tell stories and leave a lasting impression….. with a call to action. Everyone wins when a company can promote their involvement with a charity while helping that charity build brand awareness.

We love to get involved in local causes and participate in a variety of ways. Simply give us a shout...we will work with you.


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