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New Trend Alert! Customized Swag Boxes

Is there a better feeling than opening a box and seeing exactly what you wanted inside? Now imagine all your customers feeling that way when they receive the perfect swag box from your company. We can’t think of a trend that our society is more excited about now than branded/subscription swag boxes, keep reading to learn how your company can take advantage of this trend.

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The Eco-Friendly Trend: Cork

The versatile, eco-friendly material, cork has actually been having something of a moment over the past few years. It turns out that the spongy thing that stands between you and your rosé also fits in very well in a variety of other lifestyle items.

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The Bamboo Trend Continues to Grow

As you probably know by now, bamboo is basically a powerhouse of sustainability. It has a higher tensile strength than steel and can handle compression better than concrete. On top of that, it's also super renewable. It can produce more than 12 times more than wood during the same timeframe.

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