It's Tailgating Time!


The return of football season means many things: autumn is back, you have something to do on Sundays, and, of course, tailgating.



This extremely handy two-in-one insulated thermos will not only keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours, it will keep your coffee warm for up to six. So whether you're finding refreshment in the last of summer's hot days, or looking for some warmth during the playoffs, this tumbler is ready for you.

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This lightweight, portable bluetooth speaker would make the perfect addition to your portable party. The rechargeable battery lasts four to six hours and it can even be operated through an included remote control. Two sides of this cube are ready and waiting for your logo.


This large, four-foot-tall lawn game is ready to test the best Connect 4 players out there. The discs can be white, black, red, or blue and printed with whatever you think will market your company the best.

4. Collapsable Grill

It folds down so you can carry it with one hand, it fits up to 12 hotdogs and/or burgers at the same time, and there is plenty of real estate to make your brand known.

5. BBQ Ninja Set

This set includes a spatula, a fork, a brush, a bottle opener, and a cork screw. Oh, and it also comes with the essential sixth feature: lots of space to market your company with these great promotional items.

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