Official Uniform Supplier of the Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee

Atlanta-Based Creative Marketing Solutions Partner to Support the Host Committee in Providing Swag and Apparel to Team ATL

Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee Announces Partnership with The Icebox to Provide Uniforms to 10,000 Volunteers. The Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee (Host Committee) announced today that it has partnered with The Icebox, the official uniform supplier for the Host Committee’s Team ATL volunteer program, to design and produce this year’s extensive collection of apparel, gear and accessories that will be gifted to its 10,000 hand-selected volunteers.

“The Icebox was a natural fit for our team”, says Lee Hendrickson, Host Committee vice president, community engagement and volunteer programs. “Early in the decision-making process, The Icebox demonstrated its vast creativity and ability to deliver unique, quality products within a relatively short timeline. The company’s apparel background along with sourcing experience and highly-customized design were key differentiators.”


The Icebox CEO and Co-Founder, Jordy Gamson noted that this type of high-profile partnership is an incredible opportunity for an Atlanta-made brand like The Icebox.

“Participating in the design from concept to completion of the Host Committee’s volunteer uniforms is a true honor. We take our role seriously in the representation of our city. Not only are these exclusive uniforms designed with a high attention to detail and craftsmanship, but with the understanding that they need to stand out as a recognizable symbol of Atlanta.”

The  Host Committee has been working closely with the creative experts at The Icebox to cultivate a uniform look that encapsulates the celebration and elevation of Atlanta communities. To support the Host Committee’s Legacy 53 sustainability pillar, one of the pieces of the uniform collection will be made from recycled plastic water bottles, collected from Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and repurposed into fabric to create a unique and sustainable collector’s piece.

The uniform was locally designed by The Icebox in-house design team, which spent weeks working to make the entire collection as functional, comfortable and as high-performing as possible. Every volunteer will receive  six components as part of their uniform, which is purposefully designed for distinct identification and visibility to Atlanta guests. In addition to the core pieces, The Icebox designed complementary accessories to complete the overall look. This December, more than 75,000 items will be kitted and handed out to Team ATL volunteers, who will be wearing these custom-designed pieces during key Super Bowl LIII official events, such as Super Bowl LIVE, the multi-day free concert event in Centennial Olympic Park.

In addition to creating uniforms for the Host Committee’s 10,000 volunteers, The Icebox will provide additional promotional items in support of the volunteer program and participate in the uniform reveal, which is scheduled to occur on Sunday, October 28, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Design Process

Part One | The Design Phase begins

Part Two | selecting items

Part Three | The work Begins


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How Promotional Products Distributor The Icebox Got the Job Providing 10,000 Uniforms for Super Bowl Volunteers


It was announced this week that Atlanta-based promotional products distributor The Icebox would provide 10,000 uniforms for volunteers at this year's Super Bowl in Atlanta. The Super Bowl Host Committee said the company would be the official supplier for its Team ATL volunteer program, which means The Icebox would create a collection of apparel, gear and accessories to help the volunteers stand out during the game.

We spoke to Scott Alterman, chief SWAG officer and founder of The Icebox, about how the 2018 Top 50 distributor landed the gig and why the company is excited for the opportunity.


Atlanta agency to provide 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers with uniforms

An Atlanta apparel and merchandise agency has been chosen to provide 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers with uniforms. 

The Super Bowl Host Committee named The Icebox the official uniform supplier for its Team ATL volunteer program. Icebox will design and produce a collection of apparel, gear and accessories intended to distinguish the workers from fans.


Local Merchandising Agency Selected to Design Super Bowl Volunteers’ Uniforms

The Icebox, a Beltline-based branded apparel and merchandise agency was selected by the Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee to design and produce the apparel and accessories for all 10,000 volunteers who will be working the game and associated events.

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